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Christ Community Church exists in response to the Good News of Jesus Christ, to be God's worshipping, fellowshipping, witnessing community.

And so…

We desire to have our lives centered in worship of the God who has engaged the world in reconciliation, the God we know as Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Every Sunday through the classical practices of Christian liturgy, and through the seasons of the church year, we seek to have our lives transformed by the story of Jesus.

We also meet weekly in small-group “house churches.” There we share our lives, our joys, our burdens. We share our possessions with each other and the poor. We fast and pray together; we rejoice and celebrate together.

By God’s grace we work for justice and peace in God’s world. We seek to be governed through submission to the Holy Spirit and each other. We make decisions as a body, by consensus, as leaders converse with the whole congregation.

We confess that we do none of these things perfectly, but by God’s mercy we are learning to live ever deeper into the Kingdom of God – “on earth as it is in heaven.”

We associate with a broad diversity of Christians by maintaining a focus on the classical beliefs and practices common to all Christians from the earliest days of our faith. For example: the historic creeds (Apostles’ and Nicene), baptism, and holy communion. We seek to be submissive to the great tradition(s) of Christianity and long for the recovery of the unity of the whole Church.

For more information about our beliefs, practices, and common life, please see the Ministries and Partnerships.