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These ministries mobilize our members to respond to the Good News.

Leading the congregation’s weekly worship services. (scripture reading, music, visual and liturgical arts, hospitality)

House Church
Weekly meetings in small-group settings for prayer, fellowship, discussion, community service, and common meals.

All church events to joyfully celebrate the major Christian feasts.

Children Formation
Teaching children the Way of Jesus, raising them to be his disciples.

Christian Initiation
Inviting people to become disciples of Jesus Christ using the ancient pattern of the catechumenate, a process that begins with hearing the Good News and culminates in baptism.

Helping Christ Community Church inhabit God's economy of Jubilee; an economy characterized by abundance, thanksgiving, just economic practices and friendship with the poor.

Peace & Justice Ministry
The Peace & Justice Ministry Team works toward the restoration of peace and justice on God’s earth; to engage in the work of reconciliation of humanity to itself, people to the land, and all its living creatures.

Adult Formation
Theological formation in the Christian life through reflection on Scriptural and and theological texts.